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Our Thoughts on the Current Market

18 Jun, 2020

We are living in a time that comes with equal amounts of intrigue and caution. The property industry, together with the entire economy, is adapting to a rapidly changing landscape which is having an impact on landlords, tenants, investors, developers, labourers and employees alike.

The Government has brought in measures to try and stabilise the industry through business rate cuts, rent moratoriums and protection for residential tenants to name a few.

However, amongst the current climate and turmoil, there is opportunity which we are discussing with our clients who are based both in the UK and overseas. Whilst interest rates are historically low we are finding opportunities in the following areas and sectors;

Food Retailers and Healthcare Investments
Possibly the only sectors which are yet to be restricted and where tenants are still reporting positive financial results.

Government Backed Residential Assets
Have a look for local authority backed HMOs, government leased assets or housing association leases.

Development Land
Either with or without planning, development opportunities with deferred completions.

Whilst there is no cast iron guarantee that our current situation will be over in the next 3 months, there are some positive signs coming from China which indicate the end is in sight and retailers have more or less reopened all their stores.

The one attribute we can safely say will help us all is positivity.
Deals are happening, although volumes are down and we are continuing to receive new stock from clients looking to sell.

Above all – please look after yourselves.

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