We have a long and successful track record working on behalf of receivers and administrators. We help administer and extract maximum value from distressed assets, including through auctions and tenderings, disposing assets in a timely manner whilst maximising returns.


We have comprehensive knowledge of /we are fluent in all legislation relating to receivership and how to make it work for us, not against us.


Estate Office has developed expertise in handling all aspects of receivership appointments for both commercial and residential property portfolios.


We source prospective properties for clients through an extensive network of owners, lenders, brokers, banks and property consultants.

Through our deep understanding of receivership legislation, we maximise the recovery of losses on property loans as well as instruct on other problems relating to the property. We have an adept, professional team that know when to move swiftly on behalf of the client and when to hold back in order to raise the highest possible asset value.

The broad range of skills required to maximise return on a receivership instruction only come with many years’ experience in the field. Clients can therefore rely on Estate Office to achieve optimal results with every recovery we act on, whether through promptly-arranged auctions or the considered sourcing of foreign investors.