Estate Office offers a comprehensive range of personal, professional advisory services, each tailored to the individual client, whether landlord or tenant.  


We advise on rent reviews and other matters concerning landlords such as Section 25 and Section 26 notices.


In respect of dilapidations, we can negotiate on your behalf ensuring that, depending on the issue: works are carried out, compensation is obtained or liability reduced.


Around lease renewal periods Estate Office can negotiate rent and other terms on your behalf and advise tenants who are wary of landlords having the upper hand.

Experts in leasehold enfranchisement, our knowledge of relevant legislation such as the Leasehold Reform Act 1967, the Housing and Urban Development act 1993 and the Housing act 1996, ensures Estate Office can instruct on a wide range of valuation issues.

We take great pride in the consistently high quality of our professional services, handling a range of responsibilities for clients on both sides of the tenancy equation. We apply our considerable knowledge and experience in formulating optimal negotiating strategies and bringing the best possible outcome for our clients.