Fortunately, at Estate Office we have both in abundance.

Estate Office is a leading player in the investment and development market for residential and commercial property. Founded in 1983, we have helped both private and institutional clients complete deals collectively valued at over one billion pounds.

30 Years Experience

We are leading London property experts with over 30 years’ experience handling every facet of prime property investment and development.

Know How

A diverse team of professionals who know exactly how to navigate a highly nuanced market, from the traditional side of the business through to the latest red tape.

Full Service

From advising on receivership to full service property management market rents and property management for the commercial and private rented sectors, we are the only firm you need.

Expert advice comes from experience, and our experience comes from 30 years at the heart of London’s commercial and residential property market. What we’ve learned along the way is that with every new area of opportunity than arises from this ever-evolving market, there are always new challenges, obstacles and potential pitfalls that must first be identified, understood and then negotiated.

You can be assured that Estate Office keep at sharp end of the property sector, anticipating market trends ahead of the curve, absorbing and interpreting new legislation as it emerges and keeping one ear to the ground for anything that may cause ripples in the market. All this is done so that we can provide you with the very best boutique, personalised advisory services.